For Sale: Neve 8058 MkI - SOLD

• 28 inline dual path channels
• 56 channels at mix
• 16 busses
• 8 aux sends
• 4 reverb returns
• Flying Faders automation
• Expanded master section functions
• All discrete
• Fully recapped
• Modified for additional routing flexibility
• New nickel military ¼” patchbays

This console has been very well maintained over the years and is in remarkable cosmetic and functional condition. All channel modules are original class A Neve model 31102 (1084 type). Buss routers are model 32408. Aux routers #1-24 are model 32404 and #25-28 are 32430.

The console has been fully recapped with high quality capacitors including Nichicon MUSE series bi polars, it has been ultrasonically cleaned, all knobs and buttons are intact, and the fascia look great.

Originally delivered from the factory as a standard 24 channel 8058, the far right 4 channel bucket has been modified and fitted out as fully functioning input channels using 31102 EQs and 32430 (MkII style) aux routers making this a 28 channel console.

Console is fully fitted with Martinsound Flying Faders automation, which is properly installed, working, and noise free. All faders have been properly maintained and periodically cleaned. Monitoring facilities in the master section have been expanded to include bidirectional talkback, a 4 way speaker switcher, and extensive 8 way 2 track monitor source switching, features that stock 8058s do not have.

In 2003 the console was modified by Matt Marinelli/Coral Sound and John Klett/Techmecca. These mods allow for added flexibility when using the console in Remix mode enabling all main channel paths and all monitor channel paths to be used simultaneously when mixing. In Record mode aux sends are split between the two paths. In Remix, all aux sends are fed from the main path. All slugged linear monitor pots were replaced with new Clarostat audio taper pots eliminating gain loss and equalizing gain between the two paths. All mods were designed to retain the original sound of the console while adding extra flexibility. No additional electronics were added.

Also in 2003, the console was fitted with new nickel military ¼” patchbays using Mogami wire terminated to DL multipin connectors. All work was done by Coral Sound and is fully modular allowing for easy transport, integration into a new studio, and maintenance.

This console has been exceedingly well maintained and is working properly and sounds fantastic. Sale will include all original documentation, all modification documentation, and a collection of spare parts. Buyer is responsible for all removal and freight costs. FOB NYC, NY.

Contact: Matt Marinelli