Brooklyn Bridge Recording- Brooklyn, NY:

Prior to dismantling his Austin, Texas facility engineer Andy Taub contacted Coral Sound about installing a new room in Brooklyn, NY. The new facility features two Neve 8058 consoles that have been modified and mated by Fred Hill Associates into a 60 input Neve console. With an extensive selection of vintage outboard gear and microphones, the studio promises to be a new haven for analog lovers. The studio was designed by the Walters-Storyk design group and has a spacious control room, one large live space, two large iso booths, sound lock/amp iso, machine room, and a large longe space. Coral Sound handled all systems design and integration. We built 13 new TT patchbays to support the console and all external equipment including 8 racks of outboard gear, 2 Studer A800 MkIII tape machines, and a 32 channel analog I/O Pro Tools HD3 system. Coral Sound designed extensive free patch tie lines into the system allowing for easy integration of outside equipment. Coral Sound also handled all sychronization and grounding needs. This new facility promises to be the #1 stop for world class recording in Brooklyn.