Philip Glass Ensemble- NYC, NY:

Coral Sound built the wiring system for the touring rig of the Philip Glass Enselmble. Designed by John Klett of Techmecca with input from PGE's technical director Dan Dryden, the system centers around three TT patchbays interfacing via ITT Cannon DL2 connectors and discreet 1/4" and XLR connectors. The wiring interfaces to three computers loaded with multiple Digidesign Samplecell II cards as well as a Yamaha TX816 rack and several other synths. The outputs from these devices can be patched into any of 24 summing amps (5 into 1 each) for fold down to any configuration of outputs. All patchbays are custom Coral Sound silver aluminum panel bays with Audioline jacks. All ITT Cannon connectors are roadworthy metal versions with metal hoods.