Jigsaw Sound Mastering- NYC:

Jigsaw Sound was conceived by Michael Iurato as a high quality mastering studio with a reasonable price point enabling all types of projects the luxury of professional mastering. A Manley mastering console is the heart of the system which also features equipment by Sontec, Prism, Avalon, Sonic Solutions, Weiss, Waves, DK Audio, TC Electronics, Mytek, Sony, and HHB. Analog masters are handled by an Ampex ATR-102 with Flux Magnetics heads which was expertly rebuild by Andrew Roberts of Purple Audio. The room was designed by, now studio manager, David Ares with consulting from Fran Manzella of FM Design.

Coral Sound was contracted to handle all systems design and installation. The first step involved consulting with Mike Iurato to develop the final equipment list. Once the equipment selection was finalized we worked with Mike and Dave to design a work surface that would be ergonomic and functional as well as visually pleasing and as acoustically invisible as possible. In oder to minimize the acoustic impact of the desk it was determined that the top mounted equipment would hang down without any surrounding cabinetry. This meant that the wiring would be exposed and visible to clients, just how we like it. The wiring was built in place one piece at a time. All wiring was cut to length and organized with lacing cord for the cleanest possible look. We installed a Z-sys router to handle all of the digital audio and a Lucid convertor for synchronization.