Lauryn Hill- Miami, NYC, NJ, Jamaica:

Coral Sound has handled the building of several road racks designed to allow for easy set up and integration into a larger system. The first of these racks is a self contained system design to record live location performances. The system allows for recording up to 24 tracks (12 at 96K) with preamps, compressors, playback, and mixdown to CDR......all in 24 rack spaces. The remaining racks house synthesizers and outboard gear and can be set up in less than 10 minutes enabling Lauryn to travel with her favorite equipment without interface worries.

The Coral Sound crew also rebuilt Ms.Hill's two Studer A800 MkIII tape machines under the direction of Andrew Robert's from Purple Audio. The machines were 100% re-capped with top notch components, the transports were set up by John Klett of Techmecca, and were delivered by Matt Marinelli (Coral) and Andrew Roberts. Delivery required disassebly and reassembly since the machines had to be passed through a window opening to get into the NJ basement studio.....FUN!!!!!

Over the course of a year, Matt Marinelli of Coral Sound also worked with Ms.Hill on the recording of her new album as well as handling all technical arrangements for her Summer 2002 tour. Matt's duties included engineering, programming, sound processing, and occassional bass playing. During the 2002 tour (which included dates on Smokin Grooves) Matt mixed FOH and functioned as Production Manager.