Rare Book Room- Brooklyn, NY:

When studio owner Nicolas decided to move the facility to a new location he felt it was the perfect time to upgrade consoles. His MCI 536-D received the full Coral Sound facelift. The console was re-capped with high quality Panasonic HFS 105 caps. All internal patchbays were re-terminated to ITT Cannon DL2R connectors (they were 66 style telephone blocks -yuck!) and cleaned. The console was retrofitted with 32 channels of Uptown 990 moving fader automation. In order to install the automation system all VCA boards were removed and replaced with a custom Mute/Buffer board designed by Andrew Roberts of Purple Audio. In addition to providing new mute/solo circuitry and a buffer amp for the channels, the modifications add some addition functions including an insert defeat relay, monitor fader opto mute, and aux 5/6 opto mute. To cap it all off (literally) the console metalwork was replaced with brand new channel escutcheons custom built for the new faders and interface. The new color is a grey/blue that compliments the console nicely and gives it a modern look. Coral Sound has also built a complete wiring system to support the console.