Right Track Recording Orchestral Studio- NYC, NY:

They just don't make 'em like this any more.....or maybe they do. Right Track Recording, already one of New York's premiere multi-room facilities, has decided to expand their studios with a new facility on 38th street and 11th Avenue in Manhatten. The first room to being built in the new building is a monsterous orchestral recording studio. With a 1400 square foot control room, a live room measuring in at 80'x60' with 30' ceilings, 4 large iso booths, a 96 input SSL 9000J, full 5.1 Surround monitoring built around 5 Genelec 1036s (2x15", 2x5", & tweeter each), and private longes and offices for clients and musicians this is the most ambitious studio project to take place in NY in a VERY long time. Coral Sound installed an expansive wiring system designed by head technician Dominick Costanzo and Ed Evans. The system includes over 25 panel locations each with everything an engineer could possibly want.....mic or outboard tie lines, 6 stereo powered cues, Mytek Private Q, video, sync, Time Code tie lines, extra line ties, AES digital tie line, CAT5e tie lines......you name it and it's probably not more than 5 feet away from where you need it. Look out, recording in New York will never be the same!