Stratosphere Sound- NYC, NY:

A new room and console re-build package. And what a combination!! After leaving their last location on West 14th street in Manhattan, Stratosphere Sound found a new location on West 26th street and hired Fran Manzella of FM Design to design two new studios. The "A" room is fitted with a beautiful Neve 8068 mkII. The console also underwent a total refurb/modification treatment. We have carefully cleaned every module using an ultrasonic tank and custom solution. All pots and switches were then lubricated and tested. We have also cleaned every knob and module front panel leaving the console looking and sounding as good as it did 20 years ago. The console was fitted with series of modifications to increase flexibility when the console is used as a 64 input inline mixer.

In addition to console work, Coral Sound has performed work on Stratosphere's MTR90 and 36 input Trident 24 console (both in studio B) and handled all wiring systems for the new facility including brand new patch for the Trident