Talenfeld Music - New York:

Talenfeld Music used to be located in the same 14th Street building as Stratosphere Sound. When a first floor fire forced them both out, their equipment came to Exile. Greg Talenfeld has built a new studio into his newly purchased home north of Manhatten with a panoramic view of the hudson valley. His 28 input Trident 24 console has been re-cappped and upgraded with a new power supply and ground and power distribution. The console has a lower noise floor and less cross talk than it ever did. To compliment the fresh Trident console, Greg decided to overhaul his MTR90 as well. The N lot mark II machine received a thorough cleaning, a power supply recap, new T-RED rollars, new Athan swing arms, and a load of lovin', care of Coral Sound and John Klett of Techmecca. The new studio has a brand new Coral Sound wiring system including 8 new patchbays and console wiring.