The Shop in Exile


The shop is shared by Coral Sound, Eisen Audio, and John Klett/Techmecca with Purple Audio as honored Alumni. Occassionally we provide other techs bench and shop space for special projects. Since "gear watching" has become a favorite passtime of some of our clients when they visit our shop we have decided to open up the sport to the prying eyes of cyber gear geeks as well. Have fun playing "Where's Waldo" with your favorite esoteric audio gear in the pictures below. These pics are updated and changed periodically so check in to see whats on the bench once in a while:

Rare Neve 1100 Channel modules which were recapped, cleaned, and modded.

Two Neve 542 Consoles - recapped, cleaned, modified, and calibrated.

A Custom Electronics Rack using Purple Audio amplifiers to add 4 direct outputs to the first of the above 542 consoles.

Neve Buss Router modules from a 8068 we are rebuilding.

...and 8x 31102 Channel Modules from the same console. The console is being recapped, ultrasonically cleaned, and modified.

Five Neve 1073 modules and one 1066 module from a lot we rebuilt. These are now residing in a 8014 console.

RCA OP6 and OP7 after being recapped and brought back to life.

Neve 32430 Aux Router modules from a 8088 console during the ultrasonic cleaning process.

A Neve 2254 Compressor module in mid rebuild.

A Federal AM-864U after being recapped and extensively modified.

Oh boy, Mutron Bi-Phase City.

...and Tape Echo Hell. If you're gonna work on something annoying why not work on 8 !

Neve 1943 router modules from a 8026 console we custom built. These modules were rebuilt and modified with new mute and solo switches.

A whole gaggle of modules from two Neve 8066 consoles we refurbished and combined.

The heart and soul of our Neve A4345 console....

Neve 32404 Aux Router modules from yet another 8058 console. These have had the works. Recap, Clean, Mods, Cal, etc.

Overhead shop view

Carl Lindstrom 10 channel Tube console

Phillips 16x8 discrete Germanium console

EMI TG series Mastering console - Beatles anyone?


3M tape machine hell - BTW we are rebuilding several 3M M56 16 track 2" tape machines which will be for sale. Email if you're interested.

another overhead view - fisheye

Studer tape machine hell

Bench stuff - ADR Compex's, RCA BA-86, EMT PDM-156's, UA175's, Neve stuff

Neve, Neve, and more Neve. Does anyone even use this stuff anymore. I mean don't they have plug ins for this yet?

It piles up fast......

Quad Eight and Neve stereo EQs

Neve 33609, UA175b, and Canadian tube mic preamp


From when PA shared the shop. Purple Audio Rocks!

Kelso!! Hey Kelso. Where is that boy?